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The Value of Time

Thiago Alves

Couple years ago, I started thinking about those vacuum robots and being the geek I am, I wanted one. Unfortunately, those devices are expensive and were not until this year that I could buy one.

As soon as I start using it, I realized the damn thing was pretty useful!

See, I would usually vacuum the house once a week and occasionally, I would slack it for two. Anyway, when I do it, it took me around two hours to do a good job on it. I had to move the furniture, clean the area and move everything back to its place.

The cleaning robot gave me back those two hours a week (or a full working day per month)

I don't know about you, but the cost of my time, when I'm not working, is way more expensive then when I'm doing.

Just to make this more concrete, let's do some math.

There are several clean robots available in the market, but one of the best and most expensive one is the Roomba 980 costing around U$ 900.00.

Let's also assume that someone makes U$ 5,000.00 a month which would give us roughly a U$ 227.00 a day.

So according to my previous calculation, after 4 months of use, the Roomba would have paid itself. And this is using the hour value directly related to the person's work. In my particular case, I didn't purchase the Roomba, nor I make 5K a month, so these numbers are not dead on for me, but suffice to say that my robot already paid itself months ago.

After going through that line of thought, I started to realize that might be more things that can be automated on our daily lives. Maybe, I'll find other things that can make me save more time and money.

And you? Do you know anything that can make people save time or money?

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