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The Perfect eBook

Since I start using an eReader, I notice that not all eBooks are equals. Sometimes even eBooks with the same format and from the same editor have differences. I know that some of these differences are a meter of taste and here I'll share what I think the perfect eBook should be. Basics of Basics As a user of Nook and later a Kindle the first and by far the most important feature on an eBook is compatibility! Unfortunately, I don't see Amazon abandoning their proprietary format for, the almost standard, open format ePub. You can argue that the new

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A C/C++ feature that helped me to log better

I read an article some time ago where it claims that you take at least ten years to learn C/C++ entirely. I don't remember if was Bjarne Stroustrup or someone else that said that but I completely agree! I code professionally for about eight years, and most of my career was developing in C/C++; still, I don't consider I know everything about this terrific language. One proof is that I found an interesting feature available regarding #define macros! Let's LOG One important thing of every software is its logs. It's used to trace program's flow or even debug

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The iPad Controversy

On January 28th Apple released its new product, the iPad. Since a month or more before the release, everyone was speculating and trying to guess what this new product would be and how it should change the world. Well, the day to know the beast came and almost everybody was disappointed with it. The question is: Why? In my humble opinion, the problem happens because everyone was expecting a step above the laptop and no one like it when they realize that this new product came below laptops. The dreamed tablet running MacOS X unmodified had to wait, but let

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